Four Things to do with Google that most People Don’t Know

Screen Search: for minimizing your Google searches and is hidden within the Google Assistant App. Google will crawl your screen and make searches for you. Now you can search while chatting up the hottie at the bar.

Timer: Google Chrome has an extension that will set a timer for you. Whether it’s playing timed games with friends or setting an alarm to alert you of an appointment, the timer is an asset that can amaze your friends with your new time management skills.

Sound Search App: We have all done it. We hear a song and have no idea who did it or what it’s called. With Google’s Sound Search App, you can play the song and Google will give you the information. This is also great to help bone up for Trivia Night!

Tic Tac Toe: Everyone needs a bit of down time at work, during studying, or even from taking care of family. Enter “tic tac toe” into the Google search engine and you can play right on the screen for a little break.These are just a few things to kickstart you into a life of fantastic time management and wowing your friends. Happy Googling!