Patagonia Views Of Chile and Argentina

Very few places in the world can match the incredible landscape in places like El Chaltén or Torres del Paine. We had some of the most rewarding trekking adventures here and would happily return for more. And it gets better – the also has so much wildlife to discover, like the Magellanic penguins in Chubut or the orcas in Puerto Madryn, to name a few!

Patagonia is a vast chunk of land that sits on the southern end of the South American continent, split between Chile and Argentina. It includes a mix of landscapes including the Andes mountains, lakes, fjords, glaciers, desert, steppes, and ocean – Atlantic on one side, Pacific on the other.

We spent a month traveling across Patagonia focusing on the Chubut and Santa Cruz in Argentina, then in Torres del Paine in Chile. To inspire your Bucket List, we’ve put together some of the best Patagonia highlights and experiences from our trip here

Highlightes Of Patagonia

1. At the iconic peaks of Torres Del Paine, Chile

We’re going to call it – THE most stunning, jaw-dropping, breathtaking photos from all our travels are from Torres del Paine. This is our first Patagonia highlight – we’ve blown these photos up to decorate our walls back at home, have them as screensavers on all our devices, and have shared them like crazy across our social media.

Torres del Paine refers to the three distinct granite peaks of the Paine mountain range, which require a pretty intense trek. For most, this is the of the W or O multi-day treks, but you can also see them as part of a pretty full-on 8 hour, 11 miles (18km) hike. These unique towering peaks are visually pleasing because the three granite peaks rise above a pretty blanket of snow which all reflects in the shimmering turquoise lagoon at the bottom.

2. Hike the Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate, Argentina

After hearing so much talk about climate change and icecaps melting, it really puts it all into perspective when you come face-to-face with one!

The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the most popular highlights of Patagonia. It is a huge ice formation, around 22 miles (35km) long (the size of Buenos Aires city), with a depth of up to 590 feet (180m)

3. See the Magellanic Penguins in Chubut, Argentina

As a long-term we always identify strongly with penguins…you’ve all read about the adventures of Ronnie and Reggie, the penguin couple at Zoo, right? So we naturally jumped at the chance to see these cute creatures close up in the wild!

4. Trek to Mount Fitz Roy in El Chalten, Argentina

We appreciate we’ve really about the three impressive Torres del Paine towers above (and for good reason!), but the trek to Mount Fitz Roy in El Chaltén in Argentina is another highlight of Patagonia which completely us.

5. Swim with sea lions at Punta Loma, Argentina

There is nothing in this world that can melt your heart as much as sea lion pups playing in the water. Forget all those cutesy cat videos you share on this is the legit new trend of

Young sea lions really are like puppies. They are playful, and will steal your heart. We’ve previously snorkeled with sea lions in the Galapagos and also in Lima, Peru, but at Punta Loma near Puerto Madryn, you can get even closer to them in the water with some even climbing on top of you!